Sunday, 10 February 2013

Stop being Judgemental

Its been quiet some time I felt like writing , I admit I am an erratic writer, a writer of sorts I observe a lot speak quiet less, which is touted as being arrogant and haughty, but have people actually thought that I might be plain shy, plain introvert somebody who struggles with topics for discussion.
Funny but that's the fact what people perceive you to be and what you are in reality can be quiet different at times.

That brings me to a very important error we normally make as human beings, being judgemental. Yes all of us have committed that mistake once or the other I can't perhaps exclude myself from that ideology. I did that with a friend of mine some eons ago. Today she is my best friend, whom I perceived to be a self centred importance seeker was indeed very helpful and sensitive towards others and I admit I learnt a lot from her.

So,Stop judging people according to your whims, give them a chance to show their real self to you and then perhaps form judgements because I know you can never avoid it.........

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