Thursday, 4 October 2012

I Love You.......

Its not unusual to indulge in fights with your loved ones, I have realised that small altercations tend to bring you closer. An aunt of mine advised me, do make a note of all the pleasant moments you have in your relationship, cause when people fight they tend to forget the nicer moments spend together, suddenly their focus shifts from all the nice things about their partner, to all that they abhor in their partner.
We tend to be ignorant of the fact that he is the same person we are so much in love with, suddenly your thoughts are flushed with all the ugly things he said to me,all the times, he misunderstood me, to all the times he didn't support me.
Whenever you have a fight with your loved one, or you believe you are being treated indifferently, sit back and think "What all do I love him for, make a mental note, if possible jot it down somewhere and think of all the moments when he really brought a smile on your face,(I am sure you can think of a few right away!!!),when he did something really special that touched your heart,when he expressed how much you mean to him in his life, when you were really moved by all that care he holds in his heart but at times is unable to express whatever be the reason.

I would suggest go by the inherent, rather than the obvious answers to all the doubts you have about your relationship, as Ambrose Bierce said, "Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret."How true, how many times have people ruined their relationships by reacting in anger. In fact  a person's greatest achievement is his ability to control his anger.
So next time, you are surrounded by the thoughts that he doesn't love you like before sit back and think open that diary of yours and read how did your partner make you feel special, how much you mean in his/her life and go patch up, its doesn't matter who says those magical words once again, it sure will melt hearts, yours and his!!!


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